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Find Flat tape system, Rod brackets & other Earthing and Lightning equipments at Axis-India. We are the leading electrical components manufacturer in India.
Axis-India's extensive range of Circular conductor system with a high degree of performance is suitable for all applications. Contact us for more information.
A wide range of Overhead Line Connectors like Split bolt connectors, Parallel groove Connectors, Mid-span joints, Line Taps & more. Contact us for more information.
High-quality Earthing Conductor types like PVC covered tape, Tinned copper tape, Bare copper tape and more are available at Axis-India. Contact now.
Find high-performance Cable cleats and Trefoil cable cleats best for multi-core applications manufactured and exported by Axis-India. Enquire now.
Find best quality and reliable Stainless steel cable ties, Markers and Carriers, ID tags for various industrial applications at Axis-India.
Lakhani Footwear, the best outdoor running shoes brands offers a wide range of comfortable & latest design running, walking, sports, school & jogging shoes for girls & ladies.
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